Interesting Snippets From Nettlebed Parish Council  Minutes March 1911 – 1956

1911 –March. Plans made for celebrating the coronation of George V and Queen Mary.

1912 –Revd Armitage complains about dumping of rubbish outside Crocker End House
           Complaints about motor vehicles speeding through the village – a hazard to horses, reported to A.A. and Motor Union“Danger” signs erected on roads entering the village.
          Street lights damaged by youths throwing stones.
          Query about trees planted on Crocker End Common. Lord of the Manor,MrMcKenzie states he gave permission and that the land is a green and not common land. It was part of Soundess Farm, dating back 200 years.

1914 –Complaints about nightsoil being carried through the street to the dump in daytime.
           Call for Special Constables aged 19 to 35 – 18 men volunteered.

1916 –Government’s Wartime Agricultural Committee request to parish councils to destroy sparrows which are eating valuable grain crops.

1918- Parish clerk to give two pence for every rat tail received to help curb local infestation.

1920- The Schoolmaster, Mr Cobb’s allotment tenancy terminated due its dilapidated state.
           Catslip allotment holders asked to vacate plots to make room for cottages.

  1. Problem of speeding through the village. Council request for 10mph limit speed limit
    refused by Oxfordshire County Council.
  2. Village meeting re need for housing. 12 requests for houses. Rent&rates 7/6d week.
  3. Proposal for mains water supply for village. Mr Robt. Fleming providing funding.
    Footpath urgently needed on Port Hill- dangerous to walk in the road.
  4. Site by Carpenter’s Arms for new Council cottages preferred from three options.
    (Suggested rents; without parlour 8/- pw; with parlour 10/- pw)
    Complaint received about smoke from Nettlebed Pottery damaging nearby gardens.
  5. Watlington Fire Brigade offer to attend fires for £25 pa declined- will rely on Henley.
    Council request to Reading Electricity Company to bring supply to the village. Council now prefers Priest Hill for council cottages – Mr Fleming asked to consider sale of land.
  1. Charges for meetings held in the old school hall to be 4d an hour including heating.
  2. Rural District Council offers refuse collections. Parish Council unwilling to accept 6din the pound rate increase. Residents to continue using rubbish pit.
    Mr Fleming unwilling to sell “valuable farm land” on Priest Hill for housing. Suggests Crocker End better option.
  1. Complaint to police about noisy Sunday traffic through village.
  2. Wessex Electricity will supply electricity to the village.
    Complaints about poor state of Wanbourne Pond, also rats at nearby waste dump.
  3. Concern about burglaries since Police Station moved to Nuffield.

1936- Urgent request to RDC for more housing- minimum of six required.
           Plans submitted for private housing (now The Ridgeway)

  1. RDC approves 8-10 houses on Priest Hill.
    Objections to senior school transfer to Rotherfield Greys, when new school is only 10 years old.
  2. Complaints about noise after village dances.

1950- New bus shelter to be built for £245 – money raised at village dances.

1953- Ministry of Transport refuses 20mph limit application, through village.

  1. Wall of Sea Pond demolished as St Mary’s Hospital (Joyce Grove) no longer need water for pond in their grounds.
    Request for pedestrian crossing for school children.
  2. 17 acres of common land beyond Priest Close, formally a WW2 Army camp,de-requisitioned.