Do you think that traffic goes through Nettlebed too fast?

If so, this is your chance to do something about it. Recently, Oxfordshire County Council endorsed plans to make it simpler to lower speeds to 20mph in most urban areas and on village streets where it’s supported by residents. Many Nettlebed residents have already shown their support for a reduction in traffic speed with “20’s Plenty” stickers displayed on wheelie bins on the High Street and Watlington Street. Pupils at Nettlebed Community School have also designed their own 20mph posters in support of a reduced speed limit near the school.

The County Council needs evidence that this change has strong community support, so to get the views of all residents Nettlebed Parish Council have created a simple survey below – if you haven’t already completed the survey or can help a friend/neighbour who would like to respond, please click on the link to let us know what you think:

Traffic Survey