If you have ever wanted to try out Group Reformer classes which are becoming so popular within the fitness industry, we have two offers available to give you the opportunity of giving it a try. More details on the class below.

At Studio One, we welcome clients of all ages, fitness levels, abilities and we especially love it when we introduce someone to exercise who has shied away from joining a class for one reason or another. We look after all our newbies to the Studio and give you a warm welcome, so you will be in good hands.

We have two NEW Beginner Workshops available and they are absolutely free.

TUESDAY 22nd MAY at 5.30pm. Five spaces

FRIDAY 25th MAY at 11.30am. Five spaces

We are then running a six week course after the half term break if you want to sign up for a block.

To book: email sarah@classicpilates.co.uk or rachellloyd2002@hotmail.com

Finalists of the Muddy Stiletto Awards for Best Pilates/Yoga Studio in Oxfordshire and Berkshire 2018 

What is Reformer?

The Pilates Reformer is an elegant machine which provides finely tuned Pilates exercises but under resistance allowing you to work more deeply increasing core strength and improving flexibility.

The springs in the Reformer provide the resistance from the machine, and the rest of the resistance is provided by your own body weight. Different tensions of springs can be used to increase or decrease the resistance.

Many of the Pilates Reformer exercises are done lying down on the carriage with the head on the adjustable headrest and the feet on the adjustable foot bar. The carriage is moved by pushing against the foot bar, or pulling the straps or ropes at the other end of the reformer. The carriage glides back and forth along the inside of the frame, responding to the effort you exert and the amount of resistance set up by the springs. Other exercises can be done sitting, kneeling or standing on the carriage.

The shoulder blocks keep you stable on the reformer as you push or pull the carriage. Often your shoulders are against the blocks, but there are also exercises that use the shoulder blocks as props for the feet, knees or hands.

Rachel Lloyd, Studio One’s Group Reformer instructor, began her career as a professional dancer/choreographer. She has worked in many different settings from film studios (Bridget Jones’s Baby, Harry Potter, The Theory of Everything) to fitness studios, dance/ drama studios in the USA, Hong Kong, Dubai and the UK. When Rachel discovered the benefits of Pilates, she fell in love with the practice, and eventually became a Master Trainer and then an examiner whilst working with fellow Master Trainer Joyce Gavin on the Core Pilot Reformer which she has been teaching for many years.  Rachel is also a published Pilates Author.

Rachel teaches 14 Group Reformer classes a week at Studio One offering sessions to all ages and abilities. She is also naturally talented with teenagers and offers discounted sessions to youngsters wanting to improve core strength to enhance their sports or other activities in a fun and motivating environment.