Evie, our new Tuesday evening Yoga teacher is offering four free taster trials before setting up her regular classes in January at Studio One, RG9 5TX. Visit www.studioonehenley.co.uk for details of all our sessions.

Please contact Evie directly for more information and class bookings.

November 13th
Forrest Inspired yoga: 1900-2015
Night time stretch and relax 2015-2115

November 20th
Vinyasa Flow 1900-2015
Night time stretch and relax: 2015-2115

Evie Costello
07957 297050 • Mobile

Class Styles

Night time stretch and relax – All levels

Help yourself unwind before sleep with a yin influenced class. The session will work to mindfully increase flexibility in those areas most commonly tense or tight caused though muscle overuse, bad posture or stress. Some poses are held for a longer periods of time to help to both release muscles and connective tissue and to increase the feeling of relaxation. Also includes gentle breathwork to help calm the mind.

Mindful vinyasa flow – All levels

An all levels slow flowing class, with a strong emphasis on the breath and linking it with movement (vinyasa) Good for creating an all round flexibility and strength – particularly in the core and upper body.

Forrest Inspired Yoga – Experienced yoga practitioner or athletic beginner

A grounding, strong practice focusing on deep breathing and longer holds in order to connect to the body/mind and soothe the senses. The class will hone in on creating strength in the abdominals, standing poses and unwinding tension in the hips, neck and shoulders.

About Evie… 
I discovered yoga seriously in 2002 when I attended a beginners Ashtanga course. I was unsure if I’d really connect with yoga as I’d never been good at sitting still and not very flexible, so didn’t considered myself to be ‘yoga person’. However, I found myself eventually loving the athleticism and the flow of the exercises as well as the deep feeling of relaxation afterwards. Yoga also provided a constant, peaceful anchor during serious illnesses within my family. These reasons inspired me to qualify as a teacher.

I qualified with Yogacampus in 2012, but the main inspirations for my teaching has always been through practicing the same style at regular classes most notably Mysore style, Ashtanga and Forrest Yoga.

I am also a qualified restorative and yin teacher. I see these lovely softer practices as an invaluable tool in calming the nervous system, creating more flexibility in the body and often helping to get a better nights sleep! I take a real interest in student’s practices. It is a real joy to teach people of different ages, personalities and levels of experience and seeing them benefit physically and perhaps more interestingly, emotionally as I did and continue to do so.