My husband was working in Nettlebed yesterday and was parked by the green adjacent to the old kiln.  He accidentally left his all-weather writer clipboard on the roof of his car when leaving and unfortunately this had his wallet inside!
We know that the wallet has been stolen as his cards have been used fraudulently to withdraw money.  However, maybe the perpetrator will have thrown the clipboard and wallet away having done their worst.  Could local residents keep an eye out for the clipboard / wallet as it would be good to have them returned if found.  There may also be fingerprint evidence on the items of use to the police.  The clipboard is red A4 as shown and the wallet black.    The thief withdrew money at the Spar garage, cleverly in full view of CCTV so I am hoping the Police will be hot on their tail! 

Please reply to Rod d’Ayala  01235 511861