Dear Nettlebed resident

31st March 2020

You may have seen the communication and contact list popped through your doors last week listing local residents who are available to help support those who can’t get out for essential supplies. The response from our community to requests for help has been heart-warming and during the challenging times ahead of us, particularly over the next
weeks, we will need to work together to support each other and particularly the elderly, medically vulnerable and anyone who becomes unwell.
This letter is to give you some contact information as we continue to need everyone’s help to keep an eye on your neighbours, to make sure they are coping and to support them if needed.

Information: Updates will be posted on the Nettlebed News Network website:
Contact details: If you need help, there is a central email address:

If you do not have access to email, please contact by phone and leave a message: Noel Sheeran: 01491 641114

Assistance required and volunteer list:
We will retain the names and locations of those requiring assistance or able to volunteer so that we can ensure that someone regularly keeps in touch over the 11 weeks.

The list will only be used for and during the Coronavirus Period and deleted afterwards.
Please email or call 01491 641114 with your name and contact details if you want to be added to the list of those who may need help or regular contact or if you are able to volunteer.

The White Hart Pub – food delivery: for the elderly, medically vulnerable and those self-isolating. We are offering a volunteer delivery service to the local community for those who need to self-isolate.

If you would
like to be added to the list of people able to access this service please email: or call 01491 641114 and leave your details.

Thank you for your help in supporting the Nettlebed community and ensuring we all keep as safe as possible.
Nettlebed Action Group: Amanda Foister, Jodi Butler, Noel Sheeran, Jane Ashby & Paddy Lyell
A community group of volunteers, keen to help us all through the challenging times ahead.

List of useful contacts, websites and support services
NHS 111: or Call 111 – to speak to a fully-trained medical advisor
Nettlebed Surgery: 8 am – 6.30 pm (PLEASE DO NOT VISIT IN PERSON).
The surgery are operating initial enquiries and consultation via telephone on 01491 641204 or

Grocery and essential supplies: please double check as times may change

• The White Hart Pub – Grocery essentials including a daily special, meat, fish, dairy, pasta, bread, fruit, veg & loo rolls.
Online orders: email: tel: 01491 641245
Order by 3pm for next day collection from 5pm – 9pm (excl Sun)*
*Volunteers can help with delivery, but this is ONLY available for the elderly, medically vulnerable or self-isolating.
Nettlebed Creamery: Fresh milk & cheese. The Hatch is open 9.30 am – 4 pm (Mon – Fri), Please ring the bell.
Budgens (Nettlebed Petrol Station): Open 24hrs.
• Other:

Stoke Row Store, Blue Tin Produce, 81 Events, English Farm Longhorn Beef.
Henley Nomad Foodbank: D:Two centre, Henley. tel: 01491 635737
SODC Council support: or