This note confirms discussions held between the Post Office and John Howell MP, Member of Parliament for the Henley Constituency, on 12 January 2018.

The MP had a meeting with the Post Office on 12 January 2018 (Laura Tarling – External Affairs Manager). The result was that the Post Office confirmed the following:

· The decision to close the Nettlebed post office was taken by Malthurst (who operate the garage) – not the Post Office;

· The Post Office wants to ensure that a Post Office can be provided in Nettlebed;
· They are trying to arrange an extension to the closure period set out by Malthurst in order to get more time to develop a replacement service;
· They are examining whether the option of a permanent post office in Nettlebed would be viable;
· If not, they are also looking at arrangements for a mobile service to be provided in Nettlebed subject to siting;
· The meeting agreed that there was urgent need to find a solution to the problem of the post office in Nettlebed.

John Howell MP, the Member of Parliament for the Henley Constituency, said:

“This was a positive meeting and I commend the Post Office for the work it is doing to resolve the situation in Nettlebed. I am concerned to ensure that any mobile service will deliver what Nettlebed wants and needs if a more permanent solution cannot be found. Anyone who is keen to become postmaster in the village should let us know as quickly as possible.”