Nettlebed Village Quiz Team.
Do you always shout the answers at the TV when quiz shows are on? Fancy being part of a team that represents Nettlebed against other South Oxfordshire village teams in a league and knockout cup format? Then keep reading.
Nettlebed is one of a league of 13 villages in South Oxfordshire that from October to May play against each other to become quiz champions of the area. Teams of 6 face off against one another with a third village providing the questions. Unlike pub quizzes where the whole team get to confer over the questions you get a question each which if you can answer great, 2 points for the team, if not you pass for another team mate to answer for 1 point. If no one on your team knows, the answer it is passed across to the other team and if they are correct they get a point. Over ten rounds of questions, the team with the most points wins. Do that for all 12 rounds and you will feel the glory of being the winner.
There is also a knockout cup competition which follows the same format with the addition of handicaps to give weaker teams a greater chance of winning and Nettlebed won this last year so no handicap for us this time round.
We really need some ladies on the team and also someone to do the scoring at home matches.
More information can be found at
If you fancy finding out more or just coming to watch, you can contact Susan Byers as the Nettlebed organiser