Building on after our VE Day give away … If we can find 95 households in and around Nettlebed who could place a weekly order of a two-litre bottle of organic whole milk, we will continue to give 15 free bottles per week to those most in need. 

  • All future milk orders must be pre-ordered by email. 
  • Don’t forget to order cheese as well!
  • Payment via card only. An order confirmation with a payment link will be sent to you to confirm the order and you will be added to the milk round.
  • Orders must be received by 9 am Monday for delivery Tuesday and 9 am Wednesday for delivery Thursday.
  • To maintain social distance, deliveries will be left on the doorstep and the doorbell rung. We will do our best to alert the householder that the delivery has been made, but we can’t be held responsible for milk once it has been left.
  • Deliveries will be made between the following times:
  • Tuesday
    • Nettlebed: 10am – 11am 
    • Highmoor: 11am – 11.45am
    • Stoke Row: 12pm – 1pm
  • Thursday
    • Nettlebed: 10am – 11am 
    • Highmoor: 11am – 11.45am
    • Stoke Row: 12pm – 1pm

Here is what it costs ….. PRICE LIST

  • 2L Bottle of Whole Organic Milk                                       £2.80
  • 2L Bottle of Organic Kefir                                                  £10
  • Bix Organic Soft White Cheese (100g)                              £4.50
  • Highmoor Organic Washed Rind Cheese
    • ½  (150g)                                                                      £4.00
    • Whole (300g)                                                               £7.00
  • Witheridge Organic Semi-Hard Cheese Aged in Hay
    • 1/12 (180g)                                                                   £6.00
    • ½ (c. 1.25kg)                                                                 £30.00
    • Whole (c.2.5kg)                                                           £45.00

The milk is bottled the very same morning we collect it from the farm in Bix: fresh, local and organic.

We hope you enjoy it!