Below are some details shared on the Parish Council Website which hopes to inform everyone about the best use of the salt in the various salt/grit bins in the village. There is a short video and a snow guide below for reference too

(NB : Before we start – it is important to remind everyone that using the salt bins for private paths and driveways is not what that salt and grit is therefore and is theft.)

If you need to use the salt in the grit bins, here’s a guide on how best to use it.

The amount of salt required to treat an area is much less than you think. As a guide 20g/m² (about a heaped tablespoon) should be sufficient to clear and protect a 1m2 area of footway or carriageway surface.

There are many mechanical spreaders including grass seed or fertiliser spreaders available, however a simple solution could be to spread using a trowel and a flicking motion.

Spreading too much salt can have a detrimental effect on the environment and is also a waste of salt.

This video shows how to spread the salt effectively.

Snow Guide – A simple guide to snow clearance.

Take care and stay safe!