Comet Bus on 1st and 3rd Thursdays
HandyBus trips available on 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of each month

Extra Comet Bus trips added from Jan-March dates are included below

Both services start picking up passengers from 9.30am from their doorsteps.
• Number of passengers will be a maximum of 10 persons
• Current Bus pass must be shown
• Bookings to be made, in advance with Claire Harwood (via email above or phone: 01491 640805)

Claire will manage the bookings fairly which will allow regular users and new users an opportunity to visit
the shops to do their own shopping, subject to availability.

The Handy-bus have requested that all their volunteer drivers and passengers are up to date with their covid vaccinations before using the bus.

A few details about the services:
• Free shopping trip service twice a month to Henley with pick up and return from passenger’s doorsteps.
• Address details, phone number and postcode will need to be supplied at the time of booking.
• Claire will liaise with the bus driver to give pick up locations and suggested route, starting at 9.30am.
• The service is aimed at people that are unable to drive for one reason or another (don’t drive, don’t own a car or have a medical condition which means they cannot drive).
• A current bus pass is required to travel.
• Passengers need to sign up for the coming week by noon on the Sunday before travel. Claire can then plan the route and let the bus driver know the passenger list.
• Both the Comet and Handy-bus will stop in Henley at Waitrose car park and/or drop off at Tesco, Henley. Details decided by the passengers on each trip.
• The Comet Bus offers a service on the 1st and 3rd Thursdays of each month.
However, where there is a 5th Tuesday in a month, the Comet can be booked for additional journeys on a Thursday, with prior arrangement.
These dates have been included in the timetable for 2022 trips
• The Handy-bus runs it’s fortnightly service on Tuesdays (2nd and 4th of each month).

Further information please email Sue Abbott at
(07968870408) or telephone Claire Harwood 01491 640805